Free Advertising

AdvertisingLot allows individuals to post FREE small advertisements that contain text only.

No User Account is needed for this option.

These advertisements have a maximum of 110 characters.

This option does not provide for any image attachements.
The FREE advertisements are not displayed under featured advertisements, nor or they displayed under the most viewed.

NB: Free Ads are vetted before they are made available for public viewing.

Paid Advertising

You are required to create a User Account and purchase subscription before you can access the features of the paid advertisements.

This option allows for much more that 110 text characters, and visual objects (Images, Animated Images, MP4 Videos) are not restricted.

You will be able to login to your User Account to get updates on the status and activities of each of your advertisements.
Your advertisements will have a chance to be featured on the site, providing that the necessary procedures have been followed.

Advertisements in this category have a chance to automatically occupy one of the Most Viewed spots if they have been selected more than most by interested viewers.

Subscription Options

There are presently four (4) subscription packages that can be selected after your account is created.

Each package indicates the number of advertisements that you can feature and upload.

They are...

  1. 1. 5 for 2 Singles Plan (Special)
  2. 2. Ten (10) Ads Plan
  3. 3. Fifty (50) Ads Plan
  4. 4. One hundred (100) Ads Plan

Presently, subscription period for all packages is one (1) month before they expire.

Members may requests a modified package in relation to expiration period.

Contact for more information.


Members will be able to select and pay for their desired advertising package from his/her Dashboard.

The Dashboard displays all the features available for each of your advertisements.

For example, you will be able to indentify which of your advertisements have generated the most interest to their viewers.

Members will be able to add, delete and/or modify advertisements.

The featured Ad plans will enable members to select which Ads they want to push as featured Ads.

You will be able to rotate the Ads, in relation to featured Ads, if you want to change which Ads should be featured.

Creating Your Paid Advertisements

AdvertisingLot can help you design a limited number of images and/or videos, free of charge, that you may want (..premium subscription only) attached to your advertisements to create the additional visual effect that captures the attention of your audience.

The attachement can be a Still Image, an Animated Image or an MP4 Video File.

We recommend that the attachments are no wider than 450px.

The file size for any attachment should not be more than 2MB in size or it will not be uploaded.

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